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About Us

Enviroskill Academy Pvt Ltd is the brand banner under which all the Hotel Management related courses are run and executed. We are providing 1 Year Diploma from GOA University  (Parvatibai Chowgule College Goa) .The Hospitality and Tourism industry is thriving in the emerging new economies as well as globally due to lack of skilled and passionate manpower. The need for skilled and specialized hospitality professionals are increasing leaps and bounds and catering to this is becoming a herculean task. Over a period of 1.5 Years ESA has grown across the boundaries and has tied up with  more than 151+ properties in Goa ensuring a decent growth in the Service levels of the properties and also igniting the passion within the students through various X factors.

Enviroskills Academy is known for its most famous 1 Year Diploma in Hotel Management F&B Service course; this is the only course in India which provides an ROI with a proper experience generation to the students. The course promises an EARN WHILE YOU LEARN concept where the students get to live the correct environment of the Industry, understand the importance of grooming and also get to earn a handsome stipend while building a better career. The course promises long term internship from the third month itself thus ensuring correct exposure and knowledge enhancement. ESA provides a platform where the student gets access to a course which is first of its kind to provide 80% return of the fees even before completing the course.

The internship provided by ESA is the only one of its kind in India where you get a handsome stipend more than any college can provide & exposure to the best 3 & 4 Star properties in Goa which not every college has access to. During the internship ESA ensures classes to be run at a time definite manner and also supports in getting the students dreams come true by supporting them complete their semester assignments and also get their exams conducted correctly. ESA is committed in getting their students a basic stay and food as well which supports the students in saving all the stipend they get which can be utilized in paying off bills, generate some extra money to be sent home, pay for their own loans and other activities.



Meet Our Instructors

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Rishi Srivastava

Director-Overseas Business

In ESA what matters is the Quality that we build and provide to our Clients. I would request all our fellow members to pay attention to quality as good quality will yield in more strength and a better tomorrow.

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