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Enviroskills Academy, is the first of its kind Hotel Management Institute in India which was founded in the year 2017 and since then it has been working back to provide a proper ROI to all its students in India. This Academy was founded by a group of Young Band of people who were leading the corporate world into various sectors namely Mr. Sumit Roy and Mr. Rishi Srivastava. As they shared the same vision and mission and had the same pedigree they wanted to work towards developing the youth and ensuring that these yongsters should be able to fulfil their dream and reach to various parts of the world and establish themselves.

It was important to ensure that the students are properly trained under a well-designed curriculum and also should be made profound in their approach basis which ESA took its birth. ESA as it grew since 2017, it not only has earned a good name in India, but has also been able to establish its brand quite successfully in the neighbouring countries like Singapore, Malaysia & Australia. Despite being into so many countries ESA has its simple funda which is Earn while Learn Program where students from various streams are provided proper institutional training and are send to various countries for Internship. More details about the courses are available in the pages to go.


Meet Our Instructors

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Emiliana Woli


Rishi Srivastava

Director-Overseas Business

Mahendra Yadav

Head - Training & placement

In ESA what matters is the Quality that we build and provide to our Clients. I would request all our fellow members to pay attention to quality as good quality will yield in more strength and a better tomorrow.

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