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Condition of Franchisee center, Training Courses and other courses as allotted by Enviroskills Academy and under the authorization of Enviroskills Academy from time to time in the designated area, as per the norm of Enviroskills Academy.

To conduct Enviroskills Academy course and activities, kept under his/her supervision with utmost care and to the satisfaction of students/customers, keeping in view Enviroskills Academy’s name and standards as also his/her own prestige and liability.

To select suitable premises, faculty and hardware as per the category of the center in consolation with Enviroskills Academy. H.O. and to make payments for them regularly and in time.

To make all payments pertaining to proper operation of the center like rent of the premises, salary to staff, electricity and water bill and such other expenses in the time. Any liability created by the Branch Manager in this regard and in regard to any other expenses will be exclusively his own and will not be carried forward to the Enviroskills Academy H.O. in any case.

The Branch Manager shall maintain Receipt-Book, Certificate Issue, Maintain Student Register, Staff Register, Salary Register of staff and all such record would be open to inspection by authorized representative of Enviroskills Academy at any time.

The Branch manager will have to send report (Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly)...or any other as demanded by Enviroskills Academy. H.O. Every Branch Manager will be required to attend District level, Regional level and State level meeting held by Enviroskills Academy.

The process of the renewal, advertisement and the conditions of the renewals of the Enviroskills Academy, Centre is very unique. Therefore, following terms and condition are to be followed Enviroskills Academy. Centre.